FAN OUT is a flagship exhibition organized by the French-Danish Sabine Poupinel and who since 2014 is a part of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

With the participation of Jan Machenhauer, Guðrun Ludvig, Christine Bukkehave, Iben Høj, Louise Lyngh Bjerregard, Lærke Valum, Julie Thornberg-Thorsøe
Bettina Bakdal, Michala Bräuner Grønkjær, Frederik Ingvorsen, Domantas Smaizys, Kristine Sehested-Blad, Marie Sloth Rousing, Christian L’Enfant Roi and Søren Bach.

Friday 28 September 13h00-19h00 13h-00h. Opening 7 pm-6pm
Saturday, September 29 13h00-18h00 11h-18h
Sunday, September 30 13h00-18h00 11h-18h
Free entry

From the press release… ” In September of 2018, we’re proud to present the exhibition FAN OUT no.4 exhibition for the first time during Paris Fashion Week at the spectacular location, The House Of Denmark on Champs-Élysées.
The exhibition has become a staple of the Danish fashion scene and fostered a unique platform for young as well as established designers.
FAN OUT is a space within which we experiment with style and content. A platform, where we explore, break out of and challenge the tension field be- tween art and design without discerning between undiscovered talent and the established designer – a cross-generational dialogue that has shaped FAN OUT into an open and inclusive space.
FAN OUT is not just an exhibit – it’s a stage, where debates and performances use words, bodies and sounds to express what design says about our time, our society and the way we live.”

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