Democratic Design from the Danish Distribution Cooperative 1942-1967

The House of Denmark celebrates its 60th anniversary with an exhibition of furniture from the time of its inauguration. An overview of 25 years of democratic design of the Danish Distribution Cooperative (FDB) from 1942 to 1967 will be presented for the first time in France.
A functional and democratic mass-produced furniture in the post-war modern spirit: this furniture, mostly made in wood from Danish forests, is representative of social concerns around the « well-living».

Thus, between 1942 and 1967, four generations of artistic directors created simple and modular furniture that transformed Danish interiors in the postwar period. Børge Mogensen, Poul M. Volther, Folke Pålsson and Ejvind A. Johansson.

A glorious and happy future – Architects and the welfare state

The history of the FDB furniture is also the history of the expanding Danish welfare state. After the crisis of the 1930s and the German occupation, the time of a « glorious and happy future » had come. In a somewhat paternalistic approach, architects saw themselves as the forerunners of good taste and a free and modern spirit.

Curator: Marius Hansteen
In partnership with D’Days 2015, coop and hay

Tuesday to Friday 1pm-7pm
Saturday and Sunday 1pm-6pm
Closed on Monday
Open during public holidays
Free admisson

En lys og lykkelig fremtid written by Per H.Hansen.

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