Kaspar Colling Nielsen presents his third novel Les Outrages (Calmann Lévy, 2019) translated from Danish by Alex Fouillet.
Explosive reading where very black humor, chiselled plume, provoc and sex govern, “Les Outrages” is ahead all madly intelligent and cruelly lucid. A shock novel that dares to jostle us to better show us the drifts of the human being.

Kaspar Colling Nielsen was born in 1974 and lives in Copenhagen. Ha is an acclaimed writer in his country, where he has won several prestigious awards (the Danske Banks First Book Award and the Rune T. Kidde’s Honorary Award), he has also been published in some excellent literary houses in Europe, but had never been translated in France.
The Outrages is his third novel.

Monday January 21st, on the 7th floor

Entry free

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