Danish Contemporary Art
At Galerie Odile Ouizeman, 12 Rue des Coutures Saint-Gervais, Paris 3′, opening november 5 at 6 pm


The ten featured artists work in a variety of ways. Photographs mingle with videos and interpretations of the future in virtual reality, sculptures fill the space with their sounds and words. These works have in common the fact that the body, the texture and the materiality get along, sees and feels each other. The artists appeals to our imagination and our ability to conceptualize.

Jeannette Ehlers

Christian Falsnæs

Lise Harlev

Sophie Hjerl

Adam Jeppesen

Myne Soe Pedersen

Amalie Smith

Mette Winckelman



Curator Anna Krogh

The catalog of the exhibition is published with the support of Ny Carlsbergfondet.


Video still from Black Bullets by Jeannette Ehlers

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