Exhibition with Nikoline Liv Andersen, fashion creator and ARTIST

Prolongation of the show until Sunday, April 5 !!!

Nikoline Liv Andersen studied at The Danish Design School and majored in clothing design. She graduated in 2006. Instead of following the normal trajectory, focusing on « target groups » and moving along the commercial path as a fashion designer and thereby contributing to what the fashion industry aims to present as the most up-to-date and « in » style, she chose the artistic path and worked with experimental clothing design. Over the recent years, she has integrated her clothing designs into three-dimensional installations. With a work at the crossroad of design, crafts and art, Nikoline Liv Andersen is evidently seeking to push the limits of our understanding of design and clothing while challenging our perception of the world around. Ever since her departure from the Danish Design School, she has taken the initiative to present a number of fashion shows in different spots of Europe. Moreover, Nikoline Liv Andersen has been working in collaboration with the firm, Saga Furs, and has played a prominent role in experimenting with fur as a material as well as developing new ways to treat and piece furs together. Thanks to this collaboration, she has taken part in several of Saga Furs’ demonstrations all over the world.

Tuesday-Friday 1pm-7pm
Saturday and Sunday 1pm-6pm
Closed on Monday
Free admission

Exhibition organised by the Cultural Department of the Embassy of Denmark


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