Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Norway-themed prints

Per Kirkeby, born 1938 in Copenhagen, is one of the most prominent Danish contemporary artists. His oeuvre includes an abundant production of paintings, sculptures, films, graphic and literary works. The artist’s international standing is mostly associated with his paintings and sculptural works while his impressive graphic remains little known today.

No less than 250 intaglio prints illustrate the expeditions of Per Kirkeby, including observations of nature and its inherent changes.
The Per Kirkeby and the polar region exhibition held at the House of Denmark showcases a representative selection of these prints.

More than anything, these intaglio prints give an insight into Per Kirkeby’s deep concerns for subjects like memory, texture, and process. In Per Kirkeby’s own words, “To me, intaglio prints are like pages in a diary. A couple of copper plates in my bag or backpack make me happy. But unlike pencil drawings on paper, I won’t know the result before I’ve spread the ink on the plate and made a print. Seeing one’s own work is a remarkable experience. It is my hope that the viewers, too, will sense it as a discovery.”

Marius Hansteen
Cultural and press advisor

Exhibition curator: Lucas Haberkorn, Museum Jorn, Denmark

September 9 to November 1

Tuesday to Friday 1pm-7pm
Saturday and Sunday 1pm-6pm
Closed on Monday
Open during public holidays
Free admission

Please contact the Embassy of Denmark press service for any additional information or to request visuals in high definition : Gitte Delcourt at // (+33) 1 44 31 21 13

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